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Extending ICT solutions and services since 2010.

Olivine ICT Services

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— Olivine Services —

We put our skilled resources with the supervision of ardit leader to ensure that you get your desirable service(s). Thus, we offer a comprehensive range of managed ICT enabled services. Whether you’re looking for professional custom software development, desktop/web development, mobile app development or software testing services you've found the right company and that is OLIVINE.

Web Technology

OLIVINE offers its unique services in web development ushered ... learn more

▪ OLIVINE offers its unique services in web development ushered from its long technical experience and hands on expertise, mixed with its innovative e-commerce leadership and creative thinking.

▪ Our web development section approaches towards user-centric web design & development methodologies focused on meeting the ICT and business needs of your organization. The objectives of your website users are main focus to develop. Understanding your needs together with your stake holders to provide an intuitive, persuasive web solution keeps you coming back to us each time you think of anything new on the web.

▪ From robust ERP solution to simple web services development, OLIVINEs web development section stretches its experienced hands to provide the best services in a timely manner through well analyzed system and effective development methods. Our works intimately online and/or onshore with the clients according to the need and nature of the project. We keep our clients always updated throughout the development and fine tuning processes at the same time to meet the deadline. Our concerned team member(s) and/or the support teams are always available for 24/7.

Our web technology services include:

▪ Website design and development

▪ Database design, development, programming and maintenance

▪ Online forms and data entry

▪ e-Commerce solutions

▪ CMS Customization

▪ Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

▪ Simple One Page Website

▪ Blog, Forum website

▪ Informative website

▪ Small Business Website

▪ Simple Corporate website

▪ Dynamic Corporate Website

Software Development

We offer a bespoke business software design service. Sometimes off-the-shelf ... learn more

  • OLIVINE offers a completely bespoke business software design service. Sometimes off-the-shelf software packages just don’t offer you the right IT solution. You need something that can be designed and tailored to your needs.
  • At Olivine, we can help with every aspect of software development, working with you to understand your needs and to determine the best way to deliver the solution you need. We work with you through prototyping and design and then through staged development and implementation stages. We expect to provide trustworthy and reliable solutions and ensure that our applications deliver now and in the future. We focus on what you see, like ease-of-use, usefulness and quality, and what you can not see, like scalability, security, resilience and the things which make our applications flexible enough to meet your future needs.
  • We have the in-house capability to come up with innovative solutions that offer best operational practice for your business, with clever user and customer interfaces. Software packages can be designed to link into your other IT systems such as accounts, sales and marketing, CRM, stock control and many more.
  • A bespoke software solution can save you money and offer real ROI benefits. We also have a track record in designing solutions that can in turn lead to further revenue earning opportunities.
  • Additionally, we have the capability to manage your software application as part of our IT support services. This management enables control and monitoring of performance, assisting with user operations, developing updates and ensuring continuity of business critical systems.
  • We can also offer complete management of your licensed software packages, removing the headache for you on volume licensing and helping you to take advantage of the correct licensing opportunities to deliver real value for money.

Customized Software

Olivine Limited is specialized in development of customized ICT software ... learn more

Olivine Limited is specialized in development of customized ICT software solutions. The solutions provided by OLIVINE so far are well scrutinized as to the client’s requirements and featured with scalable and robust solutions, at the same time is remarkably cost effective. The development services are included but not limited to our customized software solutions:

  • Site Migration
  • Web design, development, maintenance & troubleshooting
  • Desktop and web based application development
  • Offshore and onshore Software development
  • Database design, development & maintenance
  • Windows & UNIX/Linux based development
  • Embedded software development
  • Data security, data backup and restoration
  • Mobile device programming
  • Software to database integration
  • Web services development and maintenance
  • Multi-user and multi-Level software solutions
  • Customized ERP development
  • Content Management Systems development
  • Technical documentation, ]
  • System installation and user guides.
  • Online Statistical site.

E-Comm. Development

We believe the eCommerce websites should be designed to convert ... learn more

WE WORK WITH ALL MAJOR ECOMMERCE PLATFORMS. We also offer a full end-to-end service with expertise in every aspect of online shopping.


▪ We believe the eCommerce websites should be designed to convert visits in to sales. Visitors now expect a great deal from their online shopping experience and in what is often a congested market place, it is important to carefully balance certain key factors as part of your eCommerce design. The overall design of your website should represent your brand and maintain a cohesive company identity. Therefore, our expert team can ensure your eCommerce site visits are converted to sales.

▪ Our developed eCommerce websites are engaging, enticing and offer multiple opportunities to sell. Besides, the sites should be intuitive and easy to use. Thus, careful consideration of navigation, search and general site clarity is given.

▪ As eCommerce purchases are reliant on trust, credibility establishment is essential. Thus, we significantly consider trust in the service and trust in the security of the website for any would-be customer.


▪ We are highly experienced in delivering the technical requirements of eCommerce websites, with many combined years of experience in the industry. Important considerations include:

Choosing the correct eCommerce platform

Being able to mould the website to meet your needs

Ensuring the website is secure and works efficiently

Streamlining the fulfillment process

Integrating with the other software platform you use

Search Engine Optimization

o Your eCommerce website should perform well for SEO. This lead generation channel is extremely important for virtually all eCommerce websites. Our partner company, Dynamics Digital, provide expertise in ensuring that your website is correctly structured to make maximum use of this powerful marketing benefit.

▪ Support

▪ As a development specialist we often inherit eCommerce websites that have been poorly structured and are difficult to use and develop, and we provide support for our many customers on either an ad-hoc or contracted basis. Our unique mix of skills means that we can offer support in all key areas:



User Training

Data Integration



Custom Development

Finally, If you have a unique requirement and your eCommerce platform is currently unable to meet it, then please get in touch. We have expertise and experience in abundance, and weve yet to find a custom requirement that weve not been able to deliver.

Mobile Apps Development

OLIVINE Limited offer Applications design and development services ... learn more

  • OLIVINE Web Applications offer design and development services for mobile apps. Based on your requirements OLIVINE Web Applications produce apps which can be standalone or integrate with other data sources using secure management systems. Our mobile app development allows for apps to be output for native iOS and Android platforms.
  • At OLIVINE Web Applications all mobile apps are developed to deliver content and functionality to users through an intuitive and optimized interface. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure the latest smartphone features are integrated with your mobile app.
  • At OLIVINE we offer the following mobile applications developments
  • iOS applications development
  • Android Applications Development
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development
  • Brand SMS & Mobile App

Testing and QA

Quality assurance (QA) and software testing can make or break go-live ... learn more

Quality assurance (QA) and software testing can make or break go-live schedules and user adoption of new technologies. Leaders must rely on proven testing processes and technologies to increase efficiency and precision, while reducing risk, costs and cycle times. Through our superior teams of QA professionals, process improvement expertise and pragmatic approaches to software testing, our QA and Testing Services help you realize the return on investment of your application initiatives.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to :

  • Process improvement
  • Technology consulting
  • Assessment
  • Automation implementation

Site Migration

With the fast changing market conditions and business scenarios, Organizations ... learn more

With the fast changing market conditions and business scenarios, Organizations sometimes face the problems with their existing systems that are outdated or need to be enhanced or upgraded to cover the latest requirements and technology integration.

OLIVINE’s Application Migration solutions are tailored to help organizations deal with problems. Our offer covers integrating multiple databases, languages/tools and systems allowing seamless migration of applications from existing environment to similar or totally different environment. Investing its ICT experience of more 10 years, OLIVINE makes organizations manage and structure their IT needs in the changed demands and architecture, minimizing their costs and at the same time enhancing the company performances.

From database migration to language migration, application migration from one tool to another tool, one OS to another OS, one platform to another platform, from desktop to web-based system, etc. fall under the migration services of OLIVINE IT Ltd.

We provide pre and post migration support and ensure that the migration process is a smooth transition from one platform to another without any performance lapse or process stagnation. Also, we adopt a solid and structured Risk Management Model to minimize risks and circumvent data loss or threats.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to :

  • Website Migration
  • Code Restructuring
  • ERP systems Migration
  • Both hardware and software level migrations
  • Database Migration
  • Languages and/or Tools Migration
  • OS Migration
  • Risk Management

Pre and Post Migration support

ERP Solution

Our offer is strictly connected to business environment and requirements ... learn more

Our offer is strictly connected to business environment and requirements of our clients - we are providing IT solutions, services and support for companies. What mark us out is thinking out of the box, using advanced technologies, therefore semantic. Only this kind of connection gives a chance to prepare effective and secure dedicated solutions, which support business. And those are in specific:

  • Efficient management requires selected tools like ERP and CRM systems, which should help to coordinate strategy and operating activities.

Solutions developed by OLIVINE increase productivity, support sales figures and moreover, keep persistent access to company knowledge and resources

IT Infrastructure Solution

IT Infrastructure is an umbrella term used to describe the IT equipment ... learn more

Hardware changes every day, but brilliance lasts forever…

IT Infrastructure is an umbrella term used to describe the IT equipment, systems, software, and services used within an organization.

  • OLIVINE offers a wide range of IT Infrastructure services, to suit your individual business needs. Everything from hardware selection and installation, to training and after care support is provided by OLIVINE’s in-house IT Infrastructure experts. Whether your ICT need is for an ‘On Premise’ solution or a Hosted/Cloud solution OLIVINE are here to help, offering expert advice on the right IT platform, allowing you to make an informed choice as to the best fit for your business requirements. All backed up by a certified, professional and local support team.
  • OLIVINE help companies understand the complexities of IT from the basics of designing the right network platform covering Virtualization, Clustering, SAN Storage, High Availability (HA) through to Disaster Recover (DR) and off site backups, matching the right solution to your business requirements.

On-Premise Networks

  • If you have a physical IT Infrastructure for your business operations, we can help. OLIVINE offers a range of services from procurement and install through to maintenance and support. With over forty years of expertise offering on-premise networks we have strong links to a network of best of breed suppliers, such as IBM and Microsoft, as well as in-house IT experts. OLIVINE is in a great position to provide knowledgeable support and guidance regarding your On Premise Network. Virtualization
  • For a scalable and resilient IT Infrastructure consider virtualization of all or part of your infrastructure. OLIVINE is able to offer support and guidance for the virtualization of everything from desktops, software and IT Infrastructures, allowing businesses to take advantage of the benefits available from Cloud Computing.

Cloud Services

  • Our Cloud Services covers everything Cloud based - we can provide everything from cloud hosting of your IT Infrastructure and applications to the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. OLIVINE is well equipped to provide a cloud solution to suit your needs, from part-cloud solutions through to entire IT Infrastructures.

Network Security

  • As the IT landscape increases in complexity and sophistication you need to consider how your valuable customer data and company information is stored, accessed and, more importantly, how it is protected. Network security systems can be mind boggling if you do not have a large IT resource, however we can help by managing your network security on your behalf.

Managed IT Services

  • If you are looking to accelerate your use of technology, but don not have the in-house IT resources to support it, then Managed IT Services from OLIVINE could be the ideal solution. We are an experienced IT Solutions provider who can manage and maintain your internal IT, allowing you to use your time to focus on day-to-day business activities. With a broad technical knowledge and support available, OLIVINE can provide assistance for a variety of solutions.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows you to create one, simple system to manage all internal communications, including email, internal messaging, voicemail and fax. OLIVINE can offer an end to end Unified Communications solution, from scoping a set-up through to install, training and technical support.

Banking Services

We have the capable team to develop market leading solutions by putting ... learn more

We have the capable team to develop market leading solutions by putting customer needs at the centre of everything we do. We are able to offer a unique modular, open architecture to enable our clients to innovate, connect and expand their existing services and increase value faster for customized banking solution.

Design & Animation

OLIVINE Graphic Design and animation studio, with expertise in varied types ... learn more

Brochure Design

Olivine has creative designers for design your brochure or leaflet. Our team members are always ready to fulfill any urgent requirements. We Create great-looking marketing materials quickly and affordably for any of your below requirement:

– Brochures/ Tri Fold Brochures

– Newsletters/ Flyers

– Postcards/Business Cards/Letterheads

– Datasheets/Presentations/Rack Cards

– Print Ads/Menus/Pamphlets/Leaflets/Sales Sheets

– Posters/Greeting Cards/Note Cards etc.

Brochure Development

Olivine has creative brochure development team who will work with you for the development of content for brochure or leaflet. We also provide content development service for website, blog, company publication etc.

E-Brochure Design and development

E-brochure is a modern form of advertising piece mainly used to introduce a company or organization, and inform about products and services to target audience. It is distributed by mail or specially placed in website, social media and other image sharing website. At Olivine, we use latest design, content, animation & concept for your E-brochure.

OLIVINE Graphic Design and animation studio, with expertise in varied types of animation, from 2D animation, 3D animation to product demos, viral videos, illustrations, logos, banners, portraits and caricatures. If you need graphic design, animation for your website, presentation, application, movie, or demo, we can design and create compelling animation that meets your exact specifications.

  • Our Services
  • 2D Animation and Designs
  • Our expert animators create 2D characters or images by using computer adaptations of traditional animation techniques. Bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics are first created and then animated. To bring out the best in 2D characters or images, we use techniques such as morphing, onion-skinning, twinin and interpolated rot scoping. Our animators are also skilled in PowerPoint, Flash, and Analog computer animation. We have extensive experience in developing 2D animation for movies, e-learning courses, product demos, games, corporate presentations, website banners, company logos and simulations.
  • 3D Animation
  • Our skilled animators begin the 3D animation process by using polygons to create figures. Digital armatures are then used to bring the figures to life. We can breathe life into 3D characters and images for your movie, game, product demos, website, television program or presentation. Our animators are adept at various types of 3D animation, such as skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation, cel-shaded animation and morph target animation. We can apply any type of 3D effect that you require for digital walkthroughs, interactive games, animated movies or websites.


Advanced technologies, empowered customers, new business models and an explosion ... learn more

  • Advanced technologies, empowered customers, new business models and an explosion of data: all are contributing to a dramatic shift in the business landscape. For organizations everywhere, these changing dynamics represent an unprecedented opportunity to deliver new value to customers while capturing new value for the enterprise. A sourcing relationship with OLIVINE IT LTD can help you do both.
  • OLIVINE delivers the combination of deep technological expertise and rich industry insight you need to align your IT and business objectives—designing a transparent, agile value chain that supports your current requirements while enabling you to chart a path to innovation and growth.
  • Leverage OLIVINE’s expertise managing business processes, applications and IT infrastructure, truly global reach, deep analytics capabilities and experience working with many of the world’s most successful businesses in order to reap the rewards of an innovative and collaborative outsourcing partnership.

Olivine at a Glance
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— Glimpse of Olivine —

Olivine... it's a color code #9CB770
The powerful influence of color rules our choices in everything from the food we eat to software we want to avail. The Olivine Color is associated with a positive experience and that is Just because we feel better by looking at and living with OLIVINE

Olivine Limited opened its journey with a mission to use the Information Technology as a main stream of communication and automate the regular business processes. It then extended the services thereby using Internet technologies to enable the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable software experiences possible.

While our customer base and product offerings have grown considerably since our early days, we still maintain our founding commitment to customer satisfaction and the delivery of the most desirable ICT experiences. Today, OLIVINE Limited is the place that offers anything you want to automate for your business or individual purposes.

We live in a world ruled by new ideas. We breathe ideas in and out. Ideas can bring mighty changes into human lives and world history. It will be just as impossible to resist ideas. We learned that new ideas well planted in fertile soil can drive an individual, a whole community, a society, and even a nation to the forefront of civilization or overthrow them to the suburbs of historical memory. We live with a positive idea in mind: Our Nation is great. We remember that a phoenix rises from ashes. The seed blossoms from dirt. We open our minds for ideas. We set our mind on moving forward and thus we create a better world.
With the excellence in creativity and with close ventures and partnerships, Olivine Limited managed to join hands with the society and its diverse sectors spurring innovative ways of thinking and developing competitive edge in the business. We developed partnerships with major leading firms and suppliers in the world to help us add value to the services we provide, giving us the key to the competitive strength that the IT industry can ever provide. Our vision is to be the most dynamic ICT company offering a range of services, providing an affordable solution for every customer and creating a skill based ICT market for Bangladesh to compete globally. We will integrate technology to facilitate everyday life and work for the continuous development of disadvantaged community.

Our creative ideas from young resources and decisions from experienced management ensures the best product delivery and customer satisfaction. Besides, we work for the disadvantaged community to ease their life and Created a platform for students to have professional experiences through internship opportunities.

— Awards and Achievements —

OLIVINE’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices as evidenced by the range of awards and achievements we secured till date. Considering all achievements as our motivation, we set our mind on moving forward to create a better world.

A SIF Round-7 awareded Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh

A SIF Round-7 awareded Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh

A SIF Round-7 awareded Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh

A SIF Round-7 awareded Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh

A SIF Round-7 awareded Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh

Handover of "Online Councilor Certificates" Project, Awarded by a2i, PMO, Bangladesh Government.

— Development Methodology —


Product Owner

You have an idea that you want to turn into working software, or you’ve decided to work with us on a project.


Agile Principles

You are confident about Olivine and happy to go with our recommended agile methods for the software development.


Development Team

You are the part of utterly self-managing Olivine team and you have independence with responsibility to meet the goals of the sprint.

— Product Portfolio —

Our business model basis is our product portfolio. We are growing in ICT market because of our world-class products portfolio and client satisfactions. We plan, design, develop, market and deliver the most valuable ICT products to our clients. We are constantly expanding the range of brands and services offered to our customers and consumers across any business categories, in response to new preferences and demands. In broadening our product portfolio of brands, we are offering our client customized choices that they prefer.

SR International



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AF Textiles - Bangladesh

Mohd Abdullah, MP

Nassa Construction

N2S Limited - Bangladesh

Jogajog NGO

AB Foods

Olivine Institute of Science & Technology


NASSA Garments

NASSA Zipper

Amin Associates


Hazirhut Upokul College


9 No Chargazi Union Parishad

Job Network Hub

HFT Group Limited



SAFA Traders


MP Assistant

Tic Tac Toe




Color Mania






Olivine E-Learning Management System

Magic Shake

Olivine Newspaper

Olivine Human Resource Management

Olivine Corporate Solution


Olivine Attendance Tracker


Olivine Helpmate

Olivine Personal Document Manager

Olivine Portfolio Solution

Magic Shake

E-commerce Solution

Online POS Solution

E-Learing Solution

— Olivine Encouragers —

We are committed to provide our clients with tailored and just the right fit solutions catering to their needs. You will find here testimonies from our several clients and quality product lovers.


Olivine Limited has done a great job with their extraordinary idea with by knowing a little about our requirements. I will definitely work with Olivine Limited again in future.


Chargazi UP

A wonderful work has done by Olivine Limited. I can view all the information of my entire area within a few seconds. They have fulfilled all the requirements we asked for within a very short time and the total cost was less than budgeted.

- MD Tawhidul Islam.

Job N Hub

I have dealt with a vast number of software development companies. Olivine Limited is by far the most professional, understanding and fair software development company that I have ever encountered.

- Zeeshan Haider

SAFA Traders

We value our relationship with Olivine Limited. They’ve proven themselves to be capable and willing partners in numerous development projects that we’ll be able to handle any new business opportunities that come our way.

- Sultan Shamrat

Bangladesh Communication

The Olivine Limited Technologies delivered more than we expected, and the total cost less than budgeted. “Olivine lived up to their reputation for professionalism and ability to deliver. We’ll certainly work with “Olivine Limited again.

- - Imran Hossain

Director, N2S Bangladesh

Olivine Limited did a really great job for us. Their knowledge, experience and persistence enabled us to overcome the trials and tribulations of our deal and get to the finish line.

- - Shahriar Sultan

M M motors

Olivine Limited did a first rate job guiding us through the acquisition process. Their skill, and their persistence, enabled us to get the price we wanted, with excellent deal terms. I highly recommend Olivine Limited.

- - Ali Habbash

Xpert Solutions, UK

We were confident that Olivine Limited would deliver state-of-the-art courseware. I am very happy with the final product and look forward to seeing its effect on the productivity of new and current customers.

- - Elyar Barari

The ShangDevs Inc.

What a great company to take on this project for us! We knew it was a big and complicated project from the start but the The Olivine team ensured everything was delivered as per the requirements and on time.

- - Cheng Zhu

Valante, Greece

The Olivines are simply the best when it comes to graphic design and Internet applications. I love their work, their attitude, and their wonderful communication skills. Highly recommended.

- - Sofia Theodo

Schweppes Ltd, UK

Just a final email to say that we have the application performing as it used to be and that I was very happy with your excellent customer service provided as your website stated within 24hours.

- - Xinyu Penny

— Team oGenious —

oGenious specialist team is a dedicated pool of ICT professionals and business analysts equipped with strong knowledge, rich experience and sound logic. This blend comes from diverse backgrounds, education in leading technical institutes, and track records from associations with leading ICT companies. The inducement of innovative training programs, guidance of consultants, and a work friendly environment, gives our team the boost to create results that count for our customers.

  • We are well equipped with full-time and dedicated IT professionals at present and looking to double up the number by next 2 years.
  • Our skilled resources are certified by Oracle, CISCO, Juniper, Sun Java, JSP,.NET, PHP/MySQL, etc.
  • We are equally conversant with agile (Scrum, XPetc.) to RAD to Waterfall/Spiral and/or incremental methodologies to prototyping to clean-room technique and/or object-oriented programming, etc.
  • We follow one or the other software development methodologies according to the need of the client and demand of the project.
  • Our customer based already exceeded more than 20 both in locally and internationally and still counting.
  • Our management is the most experiences and teams are made of innovative resources.
Mohd Abdullah, MP
Mohd Abdullah, MP
Director, Exim Bank Ltd.
Nayema Akter Sonia
Mohammad Samawat Ullah
ICT Business Analyst
Mahmuda Begum
Investment Consultant
Hasan Zahidul Islam
Head of Business

— Brand Network —

— Placement Wing —

The oGenious team welcomes anyone who is interested in challenging, rewarding opportunities offered by Olivine Limited. The Olivine Limited enrollment is easy and is open to anyone who is interested more about what and how we do it and what makes us different.

    Olivine Career

    Olivine Limited is always open for creative, young and energetic individuals who are keen to build their career with the help of OLIVINE LIMITED. Our founders believe that Professionalism is the key to success for every individual. Thus Students or fresh graduates need proper guidance to get on the right track of their career. Once you are with Olivine Limited, we will nurture your skills to live with your desired occupation.

    Therefore, Other than some specific posts, we have two jobs openings open all year and you are encouraged to visit our office or contact us via our contact page...here Olivine Graduate Jobs

    Fresh IT, CS, CIS, CSE or relevant graduates from any reputed university are highly encouraged to apply. Olivine Intern Talents

    University Students doing their First, second, third or final year (with any specific area of specialization or interest) are highly encouraged to apply. However, No matter what class you are studying in, if you feel that you have the courage to do what it takes, Just apply :). We may figure out something for you.

— Contact Us —

We think it’s an experience that makes the adventure worth taking. Come, see for yourself.



(+880) - 2 - 9884814 || (+880) - 1611 - 082720 || (+880) - 1631 - 110110

House# B/159, Road# 23, New D.O.H.S. Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh.

Regional Office: Ramgoti Bazar, Borokheri, Ramgoti, Laxmipur.

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